Increasing Lead Generation By Improving Marketing Integration

Spending more money on lead generation & marketing is not always the right answer – spending your money smarter is by Karl Hindle – Founder of Wellspring Search My marketing strength is SEO, Content Marketing, and PPC (especially Google AdWords), so I have a digital bias, but with that admission out of the way, let […]

Top 5 Local SEO Ranking Factors for Frederick MD

Karl Hindle of Wellspring Search Shows How Frederick Businesses Can Optimize their Local SEO In this post I’m going to outline the organic ranking factors for local SEO – these are the actual ranking results (SERPs or Search Engine Results Pages) you see when you perform a search. These are not the factors to get […]

How to Deal With Negative Reviews on Your Business

Can a Contract Stop Customers Leaving Negative Reviews? Negative reviews are not pleasant, and in my experience when your business is seriously focused on delivering good customer service, a negative review is like a public slap in the face. There has been some movement to control what customers say about a business after the sale, […]

Karl Hindle’s Big 3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency

Ask SEO Agencies These Three Must Ask Questions Before Hiring Them SEO is a powerful digital marketing technique, and one for which many businesses will pay a premium to be able to leverage. There are also no qualifications to start up in business as a digital marketer, or optimization specialist, and certainly none as an […]