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Pay-per-click Campaigns using Google AdWords and Bing Ads

PPC is a very useful search engine marketing tool, because it has the power to drive highly targeted customers to your website, while you control cost and enjoy visibility on the ROI. Using effective PPC management, we can get the right customer to click on an ad, drive them to your website, and convert into a hot lead or paying customer. You need the right keywords, the right ads, the right landing pages, and most of all, the right expertise and experience in running Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns.

We highly recommend pay-per-click campaigns are run jointly with your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, because the two techniques share a great deal in common. They both use search engines (notably Google), they are both triggered off keywords, and each can use the data the other generates to optimize them even further – there is a great deal of synergy between SEO and paid search.

You may also use PPC to gain market share and visibility into markets where your SEO cannot compete fast enough, or at all.

Google AdWords certification for Maryland PPC management company

Effective PPC management will ensure that:

  • You spend only what you want to spend, and you do not spend anything unless you have an ad clicked on
  • You control who gets to see your ads and when, providing full control over your marketing effort
  • You are seen by potential customers and prospects in search engine results you cannot get listed in with SEO
  • You can market in local areas where you do not have a physical presence, e.g. a Frederick-based company can gain exposure in Washington D.C. or Baltimore MD
  • You can promote short-term promotions or seasonal deals when you need a boost to capture customers, for instance as a retailer during the Holiday shopping season
  • You can test keywords to check they convert well into leads and paying customers before you invest effort and resources to optimize and rank them with SEO
  • Similarly, you can use PPC to identify keywords you really do want to go after using SEO

There are many different variations of PPC campaigns you can explore and test, including:

  • Search – displays text ads on a search engine results page when a keyword is used by the customer, and which is relevant to your ad
  • Display – displays banner ads on websites which have a similar theme to the keywords you are using
  • Video – displays ads triggered by keyword and theme on video networks, e.g. YouTube
  • Mobile – displays ads via smartphones and through apps (either in-app or using other channels to drive potential customers to your application)
  • Remarketing – otherwise known as ad stalking – once someone visits your website, or an ad displayed elsewhere, then they can be shown ads from you continuously as they browse through other websites, effectively letting your message and ads follow the user

Karl Hindle is a Qualified Google AdWords individualcheck out his Google Partners profile page here.

Google Certified in Google Analytics and Google AdWords

How Can We Help You with Your PPC Management?

Learning and understanding how to launch a PPC campaign is a time-consuming business, and there are many nuances and technical hurdles to overcome with the paid search platforms themselves. Get any element wrong with your PPC management, and you can see your budget disappear very quickly.

We will take the time to understand your business and the ideal customer you are looking to target, research your competition and the business environment, and formulate a PPC strategy which will include keyword research, bidding strategy and budgets, timing and ad scheduling, organization of the PPC account with keywords, ad groups, and campaigns, and the creation of landing pages for optimal conversion.

Whether you are new to PPC or have an existing account with another provider, we can ensure you maximize the ROI from your paid search investment. Effective PPC management means you will see a decrease in Cost-Per-Click (CPC), and enhanced conversions of your visitors into hot leads and sales. Use our knowledge and experience, backed by state-of-the-art technology and software, to further grow your sales and develop an advantage over your competitors.

Here is some great advice from Google on how to choose a PPC management company that is right for your business.

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